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Guillermo Trejo  

Guillermo Trejo

Guillermo Trejo is a Mexican/Canadian Artist based in Ottawa. He completed his BFA at the National School of Painting Sculpture and Engraving in Mexico City with a specialization in printmaking and moved to Canada in 2007. The experience of immigration and distance has shaped Trejo's work. Since moving to Ottawa, he has earned an MFA from the University of Ottawa and has been an active member of the artistic community. He has exhibited at the Ottawa Art Gallery, Galerie Saw Gallery, and other artist-run centers across the country as well as in Europe and Mexico. Trejo has worked as a research consultant for the National Gallery of Canada. He also teaches at the Ottawa School of Art (OSA).

Artist statement 
In my work, I am interested in exploring how printmaking processes can help us to understand the issues of our time and place. I started working with print-based art (i.e. using relief printmaking techniques) as part of my contemporary artistic practice during my undergraduate degree in Mexico City. As time has passed, I have become more interested in the capacity of this medium to communicate ideas. During my MFA in Ottawa, I further mastered this medium and added a socio-political component. This component is consequence of my immigration to Canada in 2008 and my subsequent experience with the extreme contrasts between my country of origin and Canada. Since then, I have been developing a concept that uses prints as the main material in installations to address socio-political issues in a non-partisan poetical fashion.

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Alfabetico Geometrico v.1
flags from nowhere. triangle.
flags from nowhere. circle.
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