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David Gillanders

Having long addressed the problem of perception, David Gillanders features paintings that embrace the gap between the world and the idea we make of it. Gillanders’ work occupies a shifting position on the spectrum between representation’s illusion of volume and space and the flatness of hard-edge abstraction.

David Gillanders was born in Toronto, Canada in 1968 and studied at the University of Western Ontario, London, and McGill University, Montreal. He is currently living and working in Ottawa, Canada. Recipient of grants from the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec and the Ontario Arts Council, David Gillanders has exhibited his work widely in Canada and the United States. His work is held in a number of notable collections, among them the Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec, the MNBAQ Art Bank, the City of Ottawa Fine Art Collection, the Art Gallery of Northumberland, National Bank, Loto-Québec, and BMO Financial Group.

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  1. Thoughts of Poland #1
  2. Thoughts of Poland #4
  3. Will and Imagination
  4. Map #5
  5. Map #6
  6. Map #7
  7. Ballast Study: Paper
  8. Ballast Study: Books
  9. Ballast Study: Branches
  10. Ballast Study: Cardboard
  11. Carte du ciel #01
  12. Carte du ciel #02
  13. Carte du ciel #03
  14. Carte du ciel #04
  15. Carte du ciel #05
  16. Carte du ciel #06
  17. Carte du ciel #07
  18. Carte du ciel #08
  19. Carte du ciel #10
  20. Carte du ciel #11
  21. Carte du ciel #12
  22. Carte du ciel #13
  23. Carte du ciel #14
  24. Carte du ciel #15
  25. Carte du ciel #16
  26. Carte du ciel #18
  27. Carte du ciel #21
  28. Carte du ciel #27