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Brandon A. Dalmer

"Digital information can be endlessly copied, transferred and manipulated with little to no material cost and at a faster rate than the analog. What is lost through this process? What effect does the artificial have on our perception over time? 
- B. Dalmer

Brandon A. Dalmer (b.1984) recently completed their MFA at Concordia University. Their work explores the way images are generated and the tenuous understanding we have with expanding technologies. Through the use of fabrication, generative processes and robotic assistance his painting practice aims to contextualize and elucidate the often unseen processes underlying our everyday lives. This also acts as a method of archive. His practice is open-source allowing others to expand upon it, granting a form of technological undeath. Dalmer has participated in a number of residencies and exhibitions across Canada and internationally. He currently lives and works in Tiohtiá:ke/Montréal.

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