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Yvonne Wiegers

"Accumulations obsess me. The number of stars in the sky, the number of carbon dioxide molecules in the atmosphere and the number of people on the planet are the impetus for my work. My work investigates the ideas of presence, accumulation and proliferation. I have been engaged in this particular body of work since 2008 and I am looking to expand my range of expression. I am continuing to develop a visual form language to investigate my ideas of accumulation, proliferation and what it may mean to be an individual within the many. 

"These themes are distilled into intricate drawings and paintings. Primarily working in ink on paper or oil on panel, I move over the surface repeating lines or forms until the tiny individual units reach a critical mass and assert their presence. In the end the marks delineate a type of timeline moving from beginning to end counting out an accumulation of gestures and a meditative commitment. As the artist I attempt to put order into the chaotic overflow of bits."

- Y. Wiegers

Yvonne has exhibited in Canada, United States, Sri Lanka and Russia. Her work is in public and private collections. She has a B.A. (University of Guelph) and a MFA (University of Calgary) garnering the department’s nomination for the Governor General’s Medal. Yvonne resides in Ottawa.

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