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Alexandra Flood

“My current work is an ongoing conversation around the unknown, decidedly spirited, with titles often suggesting the complex world we live in. I tip into the free-fall of abstraction in painting, producing compositions that nudge at our own physical world with brushstrokes that are generous and playful. As an image maker, my practice holds an awareness of the dizziness of this time we are in, how we got here, and the effect this state delivers to the human subconscious. I was willingly raised on a steady diet of American television and MTV before heading to art college, so as an accumulative result, my influences are often random threads between pop consumerism, film, and the pages of art history.“
- A. Flood
Alexandra is a graduate of OCAD University, and in addition, she studied painting at the
National Academy School of Fine Arts in New York, and Turps Art School in London, England. She relocated to Ottawa after spending eight years in England, and before 2012 she was based in New Brunswick. Her work has been presented in solo and group shows across North America and Europe, and she has been recognized by national and international organizations with awards and honours for her work, including the Delphina Studios Trust, London, England, and the Canada Council for the Arts. Alexandra is a 4-time Longlist of the Sobey Award, and her work is in numerous collections across Canada and the UK.
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