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Susan Roston

"I create what I see as soft, reflective work with organic, textural aspects. I tried to convey a sense of flowing life, flowing water, in the hand carving of these ceramic pieces. My subject comes naturally to me, I love sea anemones, I love their physical beauty, their graceful quality, their fascinating tactile aspect—but there’s also something more complicated about them. When you see them moving, you realize they’re not just beautiful; they eat things; in their own way, they are dangerous.

"My need to be near and around water as often as possible has given me greater insight into the subtle changes of form, light, and movement which I attempt to translate into my sculptures"

- S. Roston

Susan Roston lives and has her studio practice in Ottawa she is a mostly self-taught ceramic artist. A two-week solo residency with the late noted sculptor, Jim Thomson solidified her commitment to art as a whole and allows her practice to not remain rooted in just one medium. Roston regularly teaches sculpture and pottery courses and workshops from her Enriched Bread Artists Studio.

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