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Barbara Brown

Brown’s current work - photographs of ephemeral compositions of natural materials - are created as visual meditations in and of the landscape. Her work deals with memory and the passage of time, referencing the changing seasons and the inevitable decline of all things, as observed in the garden. Through her artistic practice she is renegotiating an ancient relationship with the earth, one that finds a contemporary praxis in new physical and psychic relationships with the land.

"In pursuing this body of work, I have come to understand that it is the work of each generation to learn and perhaps to re-discover common plants and in so doing to become re-enchanted with the world, beginning in our own backyards."

- B. Brown

Barbara Brown trained as a visual artist at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design (now NSCAD University) and completed her graduate work at what is now Manchester Metropolitan University, England and is a recent grad of SPAO-School of Photographic Arts Ottawa. Recent exhibitions include LifeCycle Conversations a collaboration with Cynthia O’Brien at Karsh-Masson Gallery, Ottawa 2019, and a solo exhibition, Desire for Acadia at David Kaye Gallery, Toronto, 2018 (Contact Photography Festival), Red Oak Labyrinth, 2014, in Beyond the Edge: Artist’s Gardens, Experimental Farm, Ottawa (Canadensis Botanical Garden Society).

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