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Natalie Bruvels  

Natalie Bruvels

Self taught artist Natalie Bruvels often tests the boundaries and notions of beauty through her paintings. She paints the human body with vibrant colours and sometimes indiscernible anatomy (fitting as she has a degree in biology). Natalie lives and works in Ottawa.

Active in the local arts scene, Natalie has performed performance pieces for Nuit Blanche and has exhibited in many group and solo shows. Her paintings have been selected for Ottawa’s Timeraiser, and she was shortlisted for the 100 Painters of Tomorrow juried publication. Her work can be found in many private collections. 



Born out of a pragmatic yet playful approach, Natalie Bruvels’ Lovers’ Imbroglio presents artwork existing in various states of duality. A continuation of her previous series Goodbye, Lover, Bruvels resurfaces old paintings made by her ex-partner with her own, at once causing the destruction of the past and creation of the present.

While the action behind her work can be initially seen as vengeful, the choice of depicting near-abstracted figures in erotic scenes was one made purposefully by Bruvels, effectively “remembering the best while doing the worst." The psychotropic effects of lust and love, however fleeting, are to be celebrated as proof of life.

Above all, Bruvels is having fun. Her titles, invented Kama Sutra positions, further the organic and animalistic elements of works featuring the frenzy of love and love-making, mirrored by the seductive movement of her brushstrokes - drawing in and pushing away. Bruvels’ layered and striking paintings undoubtedly originate from experiences of struggle and pain, and yet the bright palette suggests that past the messy imbroglios stemming from the betrayal of love there exists a way forward, one of her own making.

Curatorial text by Rose Ekins


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