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Natalie Bruvels

"The politics of a gendered emotional and erotic control motivate my creative explorations in painting. Care also plays a distinct role in my creative process. I often integrate my child into my artistic practice as a need to create from realistic conditions, and to give visibility and invite discussion about the value of motherhood in art.  I have reclaimed a colourful palette, as well as childish and clunky mark makings as an aesthetic strategy to delve into the “irrational” and make visible my preoccupations and sentiments as a mother."

-N. Bruvels

Natalie Bruvels is a multidisciplinary artist working primarily in paint. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Ottawa and is currently pursuing an MFA at the same institution. Her artistic research explores relational identity including representations of maternal figures and single motherhood in art through a matricentric, feminist lens. Her work can be found in the City of Ottawa art collection as well as many private collections. Natalie lives in Ottawa with her son.

Check out more of Natalie Bruvel's work on her website.

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