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Alex Sutcliffe

"I am interested in exploring painting from my perspective as a Zoomer and digital native. My works experiment with an array of digital and physical processes to explore the illusionary qualities of contemporary image making.

An eclectic interest leads me into chance combinations of mediums and materials; for instance, paintings made from CGI-constructed scenes, altered by deep learning algorithms, and then printed onto hand-textured surfaces. The physical presence of texture and dimensionality is elevated in the works - contrasting the hyper-flat digital screens used to compose them.

By spontaneously shifting between digital and physical forms of image production, my work absorbs the effects of an accelerating pace of image consumption in the current age."

— A. Sutcliffe

Alex Sutcliffe, BFA (2020), is an emerging visual artist based out of Halifax, Nova Scotia. Alex was born and raised in Chicago before moving to Ottawa at eleven years old. He has exhibited work throughout Halifax, Ottawa, and Toronto including the Art Museum at the University of Toronto, Art/Toronto, and the Anna Leonowens Gallery. Alex’s work has been acknowledged by awards such as a 2022 Canada Council for the Arts Concept to Realization Grant, 2021 Canada Council for the Arts Research and Creation Grant, the Bank of Montréal’s 2020 1st Art! Competition, the 2019 Margo and Rowland Marshall Award for Painting as well as a two-time recipient of the Robert Pope Foundation Painting Scholarship.

Check out more of Alex Sutcliffe's work on his website.

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