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Michael Schreier

"There are for any artist, however certainly the photographer two basic concerns, initially the objective witness and then the resulting process of mark making. Both analog and digital technologies provide the artist with both observation and then intervention through printing/manipulation and the translation of the original material. In very simple terms the artist/photographer adjusts through the print process to allow for a direct relationship to the original experience. The relationship developed can be quite direct, objective vision for an objective print: photographing an apple offers a photograph of an apple; however, the original experience may be much more complicated in that the original experience that informs an artist’s decision may be based in memory of an earlier time. For me one of the primary influences that offer insight to my work is my immigrating to Canada as a young boy and having to learn a new language."

- M. Schreier

Michael Schreier is a professional artist and photographer who has dedicated his considerable professional career to the celebration of both the public and private hero. Recent work includes Storyteller, Waiting for Words at the Ottawa Art Gallery, curator Emily Falvey, 2009, and the curating of the exhibition Dave Heath, A Heritage of Meaning, 2013 at the Ottawa Art Gallery. Selected works are represented in both public and private collections, including the National Gallery of Canada, the Canadian Museum of Contemporary Photography, the National Archives Photography Collection, the Agnes-Etherington Art Centre, the Canadian Portrait Gallery, Visual Studies Workshop, (Rochester, New York), Light Works Workshop, Syracuse New York, Carleton University Art Gallery, and the University of Ottawa Library Special Collections. Michael Schreier was the 2016 Karsh Award Recipient.