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Michael Schreier  

Michael Schreier

Michael Schreier is a professional artist and photographer who has dedicated his considerable professional career to the celebration of both the public and private hero. Recent work includes Storyteller, Waiting for Words at the Ottawa Art Gallery, curator Emily Falvey, 2009, and the curating of the exhibition Dave Heath, A Heritage of Meaning, 2013 at the Ottawa Art Gallery. Selected works are represented in both public and private collections, including the National Gallery of Canada, the Canadian Museum of Contemporary Photography, the National Archives Photography Collection, the Agnes-Etherington Art Centre, the Canadian Portrait Gallery, Visual Studies Workshop, (Rochester, New York), Light Works Workshop, Syracuse New York, Carleton University Art Gallery, and the University of Ottawa Library Special Collections.
Michael Schreier was the 2016 Karsh Award Recipient.

Artist Insight 
Stations #1: Travels through the Veil of Orpheus
Consider waking one morning without any sense of voice , language, structure, that all you have known is swallowed in a cloud of silenced unknowing. I have only genuinely realized this once in my life, remembering very little of its immediate texture. I have however by cause always enjoyed not just the meaning of language and words,but its, their texture, tone as in music, perhaps an appreciation for implied passage, a realization, an awareness of intuitive knowing. I can only imagine now from many years distance the void that silence would encourage. An “i”s, eye’s perception without coherency yet a quiet urgency to construct.

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Dave Heath Portrait