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By Alan Neal via. CBC Radio Instead of cancelling his first big solo show in Ottawa, local artist Andrew Beck's exhibition will be live streamed tonight from Studio Sixty Six. ... to listen to the podcast click here.
By Daniel George via. Lens Scratch TRAFFICKED presents images of specimens confiscated by the Wildlife Enforcement Branch of the Canadian Government. My intent with this series was to shed light on the disturbing reality of illegal wildlife trade. ... to read the full interview click here.
By Wallacks "Every so often while working on a painting I'll stumble upon something that I can explore further. This last year I've produced quite a lot of work that I feel is leading somewhere, a few ideas are swirling around but not yet fully formed." ... to read the full interview click here.


Events & Receptions

  • Public Reception: Value and Obligation
    Friday, October 20, 6:30 to 8:30 pm

    Public Reception: Value and Obligation

    Suite 101, 858 Bank Street, Ottawa, Ontario