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Nina Marchewka

Artist insight:
Raku is a Japanese firing method originating in the 16th century. It was greatly prized by Japanese tea masters because it was unpretentious but aesthetically pleasing and embodied the Wabi ideal. Wabi encompasses the Zen principals of austerity, transience, and tranquility. 
I work mostly in crackle glazes and raw clay. My most recent work, I am using Terra Sigillata. Terra Sigillata is a self burnishing clay, or translates as Sealed Earth. Various compositions of Terrasig allow me to work with differing levels of smoke absorption with various combustibles. Raku fired ware is extremely fragile and porous as it is a low temperature fired technique.
The contrast of raw clay and carbon with crackle allow me the opportunity to seek balance. A balance of opposites is something that draws me.  Raku lets me explore that balance, while maintaining a simplicity that allows the work to speak for itself. The process, the smoke, the fire and the outdoor experience are all part of Raku’s intense draw.

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