Studio Sixty Six
Licorice Crossings
Finding Myself in the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts
Variations on the Tourist Gaze III
Variations on the Tourist Gaze II
The Wallflower II
Variations on the Tourist Gaze IV
Variations on the Tourist Gaze I
The Wallflower I
Ice Cream Someday
Cotton Candy Surprise
Sugar Rush
Crashing Waves
Waves of Change
Water is Life
Through the Looking Glass - 150 Years
Warrior Within Us
My Grandmother's Guilt
The Health Century III
The Health Century II
The Health Century I
Humpback Waltz & Surface Behaviours [hexaptych]
A Surgery to Fix What is Not Broken
Stage IV
Duodenal Veiling of Time That Never Happened
An Enzymatic Deadlock Breeds Enigmatic Vitriol
Relational Aesthetics Or the Posing of an Artist-Constructed Social Experience As Art Making
The Maker, Debutante and Paparazzo
Studying for the trip