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Occasionally it becomes necessary to take a break from the demands of painting. A detour from the usual routine provides relief and can simultaneously be rewarding. Scrolling was a welcome detour for me; a decision to simply paint for the joy of making images, to indulge in inventions and improvisations while employing previously learned lessons.

This body of work was an opportunity to delve further into a key component of my practice, abstraction. The abstract motifs of my previous works are kept active within the rectangular format of Japanese scrolls. In turn, these organic and geometric forms are surrounded by decorative Japanese patterns. The Scrolling paintings attest to the delight in the exploration of colour combinations and they show that making paintings can be playful.

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  1. Twister (Scroll No.1)
  2. Pipe Dream (Scroll No.2)
  3. Uneven Ground (Scroll No.3)
  4. Side Line (Scroll No.4)
  5. Recreation Centre (Scroll No.5)
  6. High Rise Denim (Scroll No.6)
  7. Night School (Scroll No.7)
  8. Shade Garden (Scroll No.8)
  9. Red Ribbon (Scroll No.9)
  10. Rising Embers 1 (Scroll No.10)
  11. Rising Embers 2 (Scroll No.11)
  12. Hedge Row 1 (Scroll No.12)
  13. Hedge Row 2 (Scroll No.13)