Studio Sixty Six
Morning 4th & King #3

Morning 4th & King #3

Acrylic photo image transfer on duralar
Mounted on a 12 x 12in. panel
13 x 13in. / 33.02 x 33.02 cm 
Edition of 1

Artist Insight
In this series, I continue to investigate liminality - the sense of being in between - by focusing on people just outside San Francisco’s train station, commuting to their day. I was drawn to the life in all these people on the move, and the simultaneous sense of individuality and collectivity. I was also compelled by the play between the morning light and long winter shadows: like a dance or a dialogue, layers that we walk on and through.
When making an image transfer, I enjoy the push and pull between control of the process and surrender to the imperfections - tears, scratches, finger marks, unevenness - that inevitably happen and become integral to the work. The resulting monoprint is a transparent image on translucent film, which feels of a piece with the subject itself.